Jirisan Ridge Hike
Jirisan Ridge Hike2020-02-18


I plan to hike Jirisan from 11-13 March 2020. I have already made reservations at Nogodan shelter (11 March) and Jangteomok Shelter (12 March). Is the trail from Nogodan to Jangteomok open during those days?

Thank You


Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your interest in Jirisan Ridge Hiking.
Please kindly note that we have forest fire prevention period from Feb.15th to April. 30th.
We are very sorry to inform you know that we are not allowed to hike from Nogodan to Jangtemok during the period. 

The trails are opened as follows.

from Hwaeomsa to Nogodan
from Jungsanri to Jangteomok  
from Baengmudong to Jangtemok

Please kindly refer the attached map in Korean.

Hope it is helpful and let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks and best regards, 
Jirisan National Park Jeonnam Office