Backcountry Camping
Backcountry Camping2020-05-05


My wife and I would like to do a three day trek on Daecheongbong Peak Course. We are curious if we have to stay at shelters? Can we set up our tent off the trail, not near shelters, like backcountry camping?

Also is there a bus route that goes inbetween Namkuri Park Ranger Station and Seoraksan Informational Center?

Thanks for the help,



Dear Sean

I am afraid that all course to Daecheongbong Peak is closed by May 31st 

This decision is to prevent forest fires and protect natural resources.

Also, decisions on the use of shelters have not yet been made, and will be announced before May 31.

Please note that Even if the trail opens, KNPS is strongly against to camping and sleeping outdoors.

To get to Namgyo-ri from Sokcho, you can take a bus frame from Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal to Namgyo-ri.

Please contact Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal(tel: 1688-3402) for the dispatch time or interval.

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I did some further research. As a result, there is no bus that goes straight from Sokcho to Namgyo-ri. It takes four hours, even though it is not a long distance, and you have to transfer between regular buses and buses.
Therefore, it is recommended to use a taxi or a rental car.
For more detailed inquiries about public transportation, please contact the Tourist Information Center (tel: 1330) to explain it in English.

Seoraksan National Park Office.