Before your visit to Seoraksan National Park
Before your visit to Seoraksan National Park2018-05-08

we are currently in the period of forest fire prevention and natural resource protection.

This period is from March 4th to May 15th, and the use of high-altitude trails and shelters is restricted.

Thank you for your understanding.

This is guidance for shelters and campsite reservation in Seoraksan National Park.
Please make sure to check the following before your visit.

1. All the shelters in the Seoraksan National Park are not available without on-line reservation.
If you did not make a reservation, you should climb down the mountain with the guidance of National Park ranger. (No bivouac)

2. Please make sure to pass these spot no later than below :

<Summer season (April to October)>

- 2PM at Bidseondae (to Cheonbul-dong Valley),

- Noon at Namseorak Visitor Centre (Osaek),

- 1PM at the Hangyereung Visitor Centre,

- 1PM at Hangyeryeong Junction,

- 2PM at Baekdam Visitor Centre,

- 1PM at Jangsudae Ranger Station,

- 11AM at Geumgangul cave (to Madeungreong Ridge)

- Noon at Namgyori Control Center.


<Winter season (November to March)>

- Noon at Bidseondae (to Cheonbul-dong Valley),

- 11AM at Namseorak Visitor Center (Osaek),

- 10AM at Hangyereung Visitors’ Control Center,

- Noon at Hangyereung Junction,

- 1PM at Baekdam Visitor Centre,

- Noon at Jangsudae Ranger Station,

- 10AM at Geumganggul Cave (to Madeungreong Ridge)

- 11AM at Nangyori Control Center, 

However, if you make a reservation for shelters, time limits can be extented by an hour from above time. Two hours are extend for Suryeomdong(from Baekdam Visitor Centre) and Yangpok Shelter(Biseondae Control Center)visitors

3. Drinking alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited in all shelters and facilities of National Park

4. It may not be possible to use the shelters and campsites in the extraordinary weather conditions such as heavy wind, typhoon, heavy snow, earthquake and etc.

5. Accompanied people other than make a reservation, are not allowed to use the shelter.

6. Reservation will be automatically canceled after 19:00 on the shelter day of yours.

7. Purchase of goods (bottled water, instant cooked rice, Toilet paper, snacks, etc.) at the shelters are only possible with cash payment.